Cable System


Finally, an affordable, yet high-quality shooting target retrieval solution for long distance applications and/or involving difficult terrain where using rails is not possible.

  • Our new design is the most INEXPENSIVE system on the market using the most ADVANCED MOTOR   TECHNOLOGY
  • This all-inclusive DIY target retrieval system kit includes everything you need to install your retrieval system
  • There is absolutely no need to go to the hardware store for anything.
  • This all-inclusive kit is ideal for all type of ranges with limited budgets or based outdoor, where is difficult to install a rail system
  • Motor comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Maximum length available: 160ft

The installation is simple and should take on average about 2-3 hours.


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  • Inexpensive compared to rail based systems
  • Easier to install (no need for rails)
  • Can be deployed outside
  • Great for uneven terrain
  • Inexpensive to troubleshoot, maintain, replace etc.


  • Target swinging more than on rail system, especially when outdoor and in windy conditions
  • Slower speed 1-2 ft per second



•  Private outdoor shooting ranges (as long as the motor is protected)

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