New Products

  • Best in class, new design, economical
  • For commercial, heavy-usage, military apps
  • Easy to install-DIY
  • High speed 5ft/sec
  • 12GA steel rail, steel wire driven
  •  Advanced carrier, with bullet deflector
  • Up to 300FT (100m)
  • Designed for target shooting, rifle sighting, sniper training
  • Wireless, battery operated, plug & play setup
  • 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 yards options
  • All included: HD 1080p Camera & Display, batteries, tripods, case
  • Camera and Display included
  • Economic bullet trap  solution for preventing ricochets/shrapnel fragments 
  • 4 x 8ft size standard (other sizes available)
  • Mounted on rod-suspended steel rails with steel rollers so they can be moved left-right
  • Best for all air guns ammo and .22 short caliber 
  • Innovative design 
  • Includes a self-healing ballistic rubber front panel, that keeps most of the lead dust inside 
  • Fully Enclosed, minimum lead dust and reduced noise impact, environmentally friendly and SAFER for shooters
  • Steel construction with steel back-plate, REMOVABLE so that lead can be retrieved
  • Includes 1 set of 10 targets
  • Removable front panel (slide in and out)
  • New design, wireless tech, economical
  • For private or commercial apps
  • Easy to install-DIY
  • Smart Motor, medium speed 2ft/sec
  • Aluminum rail, belt driven
  •  Advanced carrier, with bullet deflector
  • Up to 100FT (35m)
  • Hand-held or vehicle mounting 
  • Used for heavy machine gun, grenade machine guns, anti-equipment rifles, military aircraft or helicopters
  • Multi-mode operation: Strobe, high, and 10-100% dimming
  • Remote motorized focusing  and modes via an Amphenol connector
  • External DC power port & battery pack

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