Target Retrieval System: Light-Duty



Target Retrieving Light-Duty Video

Here is why:

  • Light Duty system is designed for private settings such as home-based installations, with light usage
  • Length: chose any distance from 15-50 ft
  • Our new design is the most INEXPENSIVE system on the market using the most ADVANCED MOTOR   TECHNOLOGY
  • This all-inclusive DIY target retrieval system kit includes everything needed to install your range
  • No need to go to the hardware store for anything.
  • All-inclusive kit that is ideal for all type of ranges with limited budgets, private or home-based
  • It can be custom made and cut to your exact length specifications (example: from 50 feet, down to 48 feet)
  • Fully tested prior to shipping, proven to be highly reliable in many installations
  • Motor comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Maximum length available: 50ft
  • Installation should take on average no more than 2-3 hours depending on the distance and skill level.
  • Prior to installation, please feel free to call and ask us any questions.



Kit Composition:

  • Aluminium Rail
    Heavy-duty aluminum rails that can be ceiling mounted or suspended
  • Motor
    Fully enclosed electrical motor
    Rated Speed: 0.65m/s.
    Rated voltage: 1A/110VAC
    Overload Protection
    Soft Start-Soft Stop
    Limits Settings
    Mid-range Stops
    Self-Learning Stop Points
  • Wireless Remote Control
    Product Function: STOP, FORWARD, RETRIEVE, Intermediate Points (2)
    Battery: CR2325
    Battery Life: ~ 3 years
    Ambient Temperature: 0~50℃
    Hardwired remote control available as an additional option
  • Wired Remote Control
    Product Function: STOP, FORWARD, RETRIEVE operation
  • Heavy duty, long life belt
    Heavy duty belt made of thermoplastic polyurethane, acid proof for long life. The high-grade polyurethane gives excellent abrasion and tooth shear resistance and is combined with a variety of high-grade steel cords ensuring high-tensile strength. The result is a timing belt with excellent dimensional stability.
    Note: The belt length must be double the range length plus 4 inches. Ex: 25 ft. range requires 50 ft. belt length plus 4 inches
  • Target Holder
    The Target Holder is specifically designed for the overhead target holder assemblies found at indoor ranges but is suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios. Made of corrugated plastic, and featuring two fold-over flaps to hold almost any size paper target 

  • Carrier with sliders shoes and adjustable belt tensioning mechanism
  • Mounting hardware and screws


• Private indoor shooting ranges
• Private outdoor shooting ranges (as long as the motor is protected)
• Underground or Basement shooting ranges
• Private Clubs

Manuals and Guides

Motor Guide Rev 10
Motor Quick Start Guide Rev 9.3

Data Sheet

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