Complete Shooting Range Solutions

Commercial or Home-based Shooting Range Solutions

The Commercial or Home-based Shooting Range Solution provides a complete kit that includes everything needed to convert an existing area of a home or facility into a shooting range. STS can provide the following:

  • Complete target retrieval systems (motor, controller, carrier, target holder, rails and rails guards, mounting hardware etc.)
  • Steel Plates (AR400 or 500, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2″ thickness)
  • Portable bullet traps, highly advanced and efficient (steel cage, ballistic rubber inside the medium, AR500 back plate, lead collection tray etc.)
  • Shooting stalls (basic or steel plated)
  • Ballistic rubber panels (anti-ricochet) for side walls and/or ceiling
  • Ballistic rubber blocks for additional protection of the backwall
  • Ballistic anti-splatter curtains on rails & trolleys for bullet traps
  • Sound insulation panels

Commercial or Home-based Shooting Range Solutions

Mobile or Container-based Shooting Range Solutions

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