Portable Bullet Traps

Yes, sounds crazy, but we STOP bullets…However, before you buy, please review our DISCLAIMER POLICY.

STS bullet traps are currently the most practical and MOST INEXPENSIVES on the market. They are made from steel for exceptional durability and include a ballistic rubber panel positioned in front of the steel cage that will slow down the rounds before being stopped within the inside rubberized medium or by the armored backplate. As an extra precaution, some of our bullet traps have the back panel made of AR500 armor steel (thickness depends on model) that will stop pretty much anything that might penetrate the inside medium. The ballistic rubber front panel and the optional rubberized medium inside the cage limits the lead dust and noise generated due to impact.

Key features:

1. Portable (mobile, can be moved around)
2. Minimum or No LEAD dust generated
3. Reduced impact noise
4. Allows for easy lead retrieval
5. Environmentally friendly (bullets will not enter and pollute the soil)
6. Safest (AR500 armor steel plate as a backstop)
7. Can be used with heavy rounds (up to .50BMG caliber)

Typical Ammunition Specifications

Ammo Specifications

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