Ballistic Rubber Mulch


The rubber mulch product is used for fixed bullet traps and designed so that, on impact,  the bullet will tumble and lose quickly most of its kinetic energy before reaching the steel backplate. As a result most bullets will remain intact hence less lead dust while decreasing back-splatter and ricochet.

STS rubber mulch is 99% free of impurities and 100% vulcanized and is sold as:

  • 24 LB bags (0.8 cubic feet)
  • 50 LB bags (1.6 cubic feet)
  • 2000 LB bags ( 5′ x 4′ x 4′  or enough to fill a volume of 80 cubic feet)

Note: 2000lb bags can be delivered within 1 week. Please contact us for larger quantities.

Note: Rubber is preferred over dirt barrier or sand because of its ability to collect rounds that fall to the bottom of the trap. Additionally, the rubber media will not erode over time, or harden, which if it happens, it increases the chances of dangerous ricochets.


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