Ballistic Rubber Mulch


STS provides the best material in US market for bullet capture and containment traps. The product is designed so that, on impact,  the bullet  will be captured mostly intact, or with minimal bullet fragmentation hence less lead dust while decreasing back-splatter and ricochet. All STS premium rubber media contains fire resistant formula along with UV protection.

STS supplies 2 types or rubber mulch:

  1. Our premium version VBRM comes in 50 LB and 2000 LB bags and is 100% pure vulcanized rubber with no impurities (best media on the market).
  2. Our standard product SRRM comes also in 50 LB and 2000 LB bags and is a lower cost recycled rubber that is 99% wire and tread free.
  3. The 2000 LB bags will generally fill a 5′ x 4′ x 4′ area or 80 cubic feet.

Please contact us for larger quantities

Note: Rubber is preferred over dirt barrier or sand because of its ability to collect rounds that fall to the bottom of the trap. Additionally, the rubber media will not erode over time, or harden, which if it happens, it increases the chances of dangerous ricochets.


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