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Target Retrieval Systems

Finally, an affordable yet high quality shooting target retrieval solution for our avid target shooting enthusiasts !!!

Target Monitoring Systems

This camera system is capable to capture target images from up to 500 yards in open field with no obstructions.

Ballistic Solutions

Our ballistic rubber blocks is made from vulcanized rubber to render a safe, live fire environment and prevent accidents.

SCATT Systems

SCATT systems will help experienced shooters perfecting their skills, and will also help new competitive shooters shorten the time needed to increase accuracy.

Advanced Bullet Traps

STS Advanced Bullet Traps offer the quickest setup and safest operation and deployment. They are made of steel with AR500 back-plates for increased safety and exceptional durability and include a ballistic rubber self-healing front panel.

Ballistic Protection

Our body armor products are versatile tactical body armor choice for personnel who need increased protection against high velocity rounds.

Target Practice Simulators

STS Target Practice Simulators runs on your computer, and uses any webcam to watch any targets for laser impacts from any laser training aid.

Advanced Firearm Technology

An array of electronic devices that enhance the security and control in the use of firearms such as magazine ammo counter and LED advisors.

Military LED Systems

STS supply top-of-the-line tactical lighting products, including flashlights, searchlights, and laser dazzlers.

Find out what our customers are saying....

STS is dedicated to provide the most AFFORDABLE yet ADVANCED shooting range and tactical training solutions such as: target retrieval systems, target monitoring, ballistic solutions and other shooting range and tactical equipment.

Our customers are the target shooting enthusiasts eager to build their own shooting range, being private, commercial or club based as well as military and law enforcement professionals. Our value proposition to our customers is simple and straightforward:

1. Advanced & Innovative solutions
2. High quality at low cost
3. Exceptional technical support

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