Target Retrieval Systems

Determining the right target system for you

Target retrieval systems provide a convenient and safe method of placing targets downrange without requiring the shooters to leave the firing line. The type of shooting activity planned for the range will determine the appropriate target retrieval system. Law enforcement, shooting sports, and advanced firearms training typically require turning targets for timed fire and reactive skill exercises. During the range design process, once you have determined your containment system, you now have to select the type of target retrieval systems you want. We have a wide variety of products to suit all of your needs.

Overhead Target Retrieval Systems

The most common type of target retrieval systems you see, particularly for indoor ranges, is an overhead retrieval system. While the features differ in the industry, the basic levels are all the same between the high and low ends of the options.

Ground Mounted Wireless Systems

Originally designed as a moving target for law enforcement, this target system is used as an out and back target retrieval system, a running man system, a tactical “freestyle” system or one that is set on a pre-determined track. That makes this a perfect option for outdoor ranges that don’t have the ability to use standard target retrievers.


Stationary Target Systems

As a result of many different factors, there are outdoor shooting ranges that cannot use the back and forth retrieval systems. Instead, they require a more personal design to fit their needs. STS works with many partners in order to provide you with the proper target system for unique shooting range design. We can outfit your range with systems that pop-up or turn as well as “Running Man” options that allow for more lateral training providing even more dynamic capabilities. We offer products that are electrical, pneumatic as well as more basic systems that require no power at all.


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