Ballistic Solutions

Our ballistic rubber blocks are made from vulcanized rubber to render a safe, live fire environment and prevent accidents, by controlling bullets on contact, stopping ricochet, encapsulating rounds and self-healing after impact.

Our rubber panels mount to existing armor steel plate & significantly reduce any chance of bullet back splatter, ricochet & airborne lead.

STS ballistic sheets are ideal for a wide range of benefits. These sheets are designed to provide a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping ricochet and self-healing after impact.

STS can produce 100% pure vulcanized ballistic rubber media. There are no other companies in the industry can make that claim. Our product is made for bullet traps that are designed with the use of granulated rubber media.

Generally a shooting range is constructed of hard concrete walls or cinder block filled with concrete. These ranges are soundproofed to the outdoors, but on the inside, the noise from muzzle blasts can be unbearable to the shooters even with ear protection.


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