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Who we are?

STS is dedicated to provide the most AFFORDABLE yet ADVANCED shooting range and tactical training solutions such as: target retrieval systems, target monitoring, ballistic solutions and other shooting range and tactical equipment.

Our customers are commercial or private clubs, sports associations, military and law enforcement professionals as well as private citizens looking to build their own advanced shooting range in the most economical way, being private, commercial or club based. 

When it comes to shooting ranges, we can help specifically with:

  • Advanced, innovative, low cost solutions  for usually “expensive” projects
  • Exceptional technical support pre and post sale
  • Consulting services for shooting range design
  • Installation services in select areas

Contact us to discuss your project, big or small, and we promise to do our best to make it a reality within your target time frame and budget.

New Products

  • Best in class, new design, economical
  • For commercial, heavy-usage, military apps
  • Easy to install-DIY
  • High speed 5ft/sec
  • 12GA steel rail, steel cable driven
  •  Advanced carrier, with bullet deflector
  • Up to 160FT (50m)-longer as special order
  • Modular, low cost
  • Fast installation
  • Made of high density PVC
  • Steel plating available, 9mm caliber rated
  • Water resistant single lane controller
  • 2-button, GO and BACK
  • Clearly marked with motor direction
  • Supplied with 8FT motor cable
  • Does not require power

Product Line

  • Affordable target retrieving solutions
  • Complete systems DIY, easy to install
  • Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty types
  • Private, commercial or military applications
  • Steel wire/belt driven, aluminum or steel rails
  • Smart motor technology: wireless activated, soft-start/stop, self-learn lane limits, overload protection, programming stopping points
  • Wireless controller, target turning option
  • Curved/zig-zagging rails for tactical training
  • Designed for target shooting, rifle sighting, sniper training
  • Wireless, battery operated, plug & play setup
  • 500, 750, 1000 yards options
  • Included: HD 1080p Camera & Display, batteries, tripods, case
  • Plug & Play, no setup required, turn ON and see the target
  • No software to install/update
  • Rubber blocks & panels, of highest  quality, vulcanized (not cold-pressed)
  • Highest density, elasticity, and self-healing properties in the market
  • Designed for advanced bullet traps & shooting ranges as ricochet-preventers panels/blocks 
  • Ballistic steel plates (AR500 or AR400) 
  • Sound-proofing, acoustic panels
  • Fixed bullet traps & ballistic curtains on rails
  • Ballistic rubber mulch
  • Advanced, innovative design, economical
  • Steel cage, ballistic  rubber front  panel & AR steel back-panel, removable & replaceable 
  • Portable, quick setup, robust, quiet, keeps lead fragments inside, easy to reclaim
  • Less lead dust generated, less noise
  • Earth-friendly, no ground pollution
  • Highly advanced LED powered systems
  • Military grade, only sold to LEA/Military
  • 0.5 to 5Km range
  • Used  for automatic weapon systems, heavy machine gun, grenade launchers, specialty  rifles, military aircraft/helicopters
  • Pop-up/Target Turning/Tilting Systems for advanced tactical training
  • Fully automatic, wirelessly/battery operated
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor conditions
  • Used by security professionals, military and law enforcement agencies

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