Target Retrieval System: Heavy-Duty


Our new Heavy-Duty system is geared towards private, commercial and military applications

Target Retrieving Heavy-Duty Video

  • Based on easily available heavy gauge steel rails
  • Steel-cable driven with smart motor technology
  • All-inclusive DIY target retrieval kit, easy to install, no specialized contractors needed
  • No need to go to the hardware store for anything except screws for mounting the rail brackets
  • Ideal kit for all type of ranges with limited budgets being either commercial, law enforcement, military, private or home-based
  • Prior to installation, please feel free to call and ask us any questions.
  • Our Guarantee: Buy with confidence as we guarantee your satisfaction OR we will provide FULL REFUND.

Ordering options:

  1. Length: chose any distance from 15-300FT (~100m).
  2. Heavy-Duty system features:
    • Designed for private clubs, commercial or law enforcement or military installations with heavier usage
    • Steel rails 12 AWG
    • Steel cable driven
    • Heavy Duty carrier with high adjustability for cable tension
    • Heavy duty motor 2A/110VAC
    • High Speed (3 times faster than Light-Duty system and 2 times faster than Medium-Duty)
    • Easy to install, maintain and troubleshoot
    • Wireless and wired controllers included (industrial type)
    • Carrier bullet deflector included
    • Advanced Carrier Bullet Deflector with AR500 plate (optional)
    • End-of-rail gearbox Bullet Deflector with AR500 plate (optional)
    • Target turning option available
  3. Motor Upward Mounting (reversible gearbox)
    • Included

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Target Retrieving Heavy-Duty Video



• Private or Commercial indoor shooting ranges
• Private or Commercial outdoor shooting ranges (as long as the motor is protected)
• Underground or Basement shooting ranges
• Private Clubs
• Law Enforcement
• Military

Manuals and Guides

HEAVY DUTY Target Retrieving KIT Instructions Rev18

Data Sheet

TRSHD Data Sheet

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