Ballistic Rubber Panels


Our ballistic rubber panels are used in our bullet traps as replacement panels or mounted to existing armor steel plate (or concrete walls) for significant reduction of ricochets, bullet back splatter and airborne lead.

Made in USA and available in a variety of sizes to meet a wide range of applications. The manufacturing process of combining high pressure and a weather resistant high tech polymer binder allows for an extremely dense & consistent rubber panel. Ricochet testing was done by an Independent Testing Agency that confirmed that they will absorb all 9mm Luger 124 grain, FMJ rounds at an angle greater than 5 degrees and 5.56 x 45mm 62 grain, M855 ball rounds at an angle greater than 10 degrees.


Many other colors, sizes and shapes are available along with quantity discounts. Please contact us for a quote.

Minimum order qty: Depends on the product type. 

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  • The tensile strength: 950-1150 psi
  • Ultimate elongation: 210-300%
  • 100% modulus: 350-400psi
  • The coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static
  • UV exposure
  • ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W
  • RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change
  • Elongation 6.7% change
  • Safe Live Fire Environment
  • Stopping Ricochet & Self-Healing
  • Ballistic Control


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