Up to .357 & .44 Magnum


  • Innovative design with benefits for ENVIRONMENT and SHOOTERS for pistol Magnum calibers
  • Includes a self-healing ballistic rubber front panel, that keeps most of the lead dust inside and supports the target mounting and also slows down the rounds 
  • Fully Enclosed, minimum lead dust and reduced noise impact, environmentally friendly and SAFER for shooters
  • Steel construction with heavy steel back-plate, REMOVABLE and up-gradable, allowing lead retrieval 
  • Includes a top handle for easy moving around and bolt holes which allows it to be bolted down to prevent moving due to impact
  • Includes ballistic filler that will reduce significantly the lead dust, makes the trap quieter and long-lasting
  • Patent pending. 
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Brad Deamer

A trap able to take magnum ammo
Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2020

I purchased the STS 24″ X 24″ Monster Trap and found it to be very well made. It was delivered by standard shipping in 3 boxes. Easily assembled together it weighs around 140 pounds, so expect to use a hand truck to move it. The heavy 1″ rubber mat, pictured above, will seal the bullet holes. I shot full power 357 & 44 magnum handgun ammo with no damage to the trap. It took hits with FMJ, full metal jacket, rifle ammo in 7mm and 7.62×39 AK too. It can withstand bullet velocities up to 2200 fps at the trap, without denting the tough A500 steel back plate. From what I see, expect the trap to last a long time.

Ninpo Penguin

Great Customer Service
Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2020
The target is solid and works well for my needs. Super Target Systems customer service went above and beyond when the package was damaged and Amazon subsequently cancelled my package without notifying me.



This is currently the BEST and SAFEST Mobile Bullet Trap option. It offers a quick, safe setup and deployment. It is made from steel for exceptional durability, and UNLIKE others it includes a high quality 1″ ballistic rubber panel positioned in front of the steel cage that will slow down the rounds enough to be then stopped completely by the back-plate with minimum impact, hence the reduced noise and also lead dust.

UNLIKE others, this trap is completely enclosed so the potential lead dust will be trapped inside instead of polluting the environment! Also, UNLIKE others, the armor steel back-plate can be easily removed to be replaced or upgraded to a thicker plate or just removed to access and retrieve the bullet fragments inside the trap.


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