Up to .22 LR & .17 HMR


  • Innovative design with benefits for ENVIRONMENT and SHOOTERS
  • Includes a self-healing ballistic rubber front panel, that keeps most of the lead dust inside and supports the target mounting and also slows down the rounds 
  • Fully Enclosed, minimum lead dust and reduced noise impact, environmentally friendly and SAFER for shooters
  • Steel construction with heavy steel back-plate, REMOVABLE and up-gradable, allowing lead retrieval 
  • Includes a top handle for easy moving around and bolt holes which allows it to be bolted down to prevent moving due to impact
  • Patent pending. 
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Brad Deamer

Excellent Size & Quality
RReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2021

I liked the 16″ X 16″ larger size for catching stray bullets. Great for action shooting where bullet placement may sometimes be off center. The 3/8″ A500 back plate showed no damage from 44 magnum bullets or 30-30 rifle cartridges. This trap stops the bullet and retains the lead.

Super Target Systems Steel Bullet Trap, 12″ x 12″ works great with one glaring flaw.
Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2022
The ballistic rubber sheet in front with the dimensions of 12 in x 12 in x 1/4 in is too thick for my Umarex Glock 17 CO2 BB pistol. The 4.5 mm steel BB’s simply bounced off the rubber sheet back at me, unable to penetrate the rubber sheet nor even puncture the target paper in front of the rubber. Will be looking for a different and softer materials to replace the included rubber sheet. I will save this rubber sheet for higher power air guns.

So the front rubber sheet IS the weakness in an otherwise strong design. One would have to experiment to find the right materials for a given set of bullet/BB’s calibers. This is why I took off one star. It would be nice if the manufacturer provides even thinner ballistic rubber sheets for use with lower power airguns. Currently this is the thinnest rubber sheet they carry in their inventory. The rest of the system is SOLID made in the USA goodness. Nice thick steels all the way around. Very easy to work with. Highly recommended!

steve hicks

Works pristine
Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2021
The target is well made! Comes with an extra metal plate that can be used for higher caliber ammo. I just use it for my .22 cal pcp’s and my .177 cal springer. The rubber mat that goes behind the target retains lead fragments. The plate that came installed works very well. I thought it would dent but it doesn’t. The target weighs about 35 lbs. Very heavy duty. I shoot at about 25 to 30 yards. Guns shoot from 1200 FPS .177 and 950 to 1000 FPS pcp. Very good purchase. Oh the rubber behind the target will wear out. But replacements are available. If you use larger ammo, powder ammo the thicker plate will probably be needed. It’s about .250 thick. Also you would probably need the secure it so as not to topple it over…S.H.


Good target for airgun @ yard
Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2021
It is perfect target for airgunners at yard or outdoor. I used .22 pellets and it worked good. only problem is that the rubber mat in the front get punctured and must be changed every 1000s of rounds.


.22, .17


This is currently the BEST Mobile Bullet Trap option. It offers a quick, safe setup and deployment. It is made from steel for exceptional durability, and UNLIKE others it includes a ballistic rubber panel positioned in front of the steel cage that will entrap most pellets and slow down the other calibers enough to be then stopped completely by the back-plate with minimum impact, hence the reduced noise and also minimum lead dust.

UNLIKE others, this trap is completely enclosed so the potential lead dust will be trapped inside instead of polluting the environment! Also, UNLIKE others, the armor steel back-plate can be easily removed to be replaced or upgraded to a thicker plate or just removed to access and retrieve the bullet fragments inside the collector area inside the cage.

MUST be used within the general safety guidelines for bullet traps: maintain a safe distance, straight line shooting in the target area only, stable surface etc. and only used for specified caliber

Data Sheet

Traps Assembly Diagram 3sc-Rev1

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