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New Universal Bullet Traps

Our new series of Universal Bullet Trap (patent pending) with removable tray for recycling the lead fragments. Features a grill for sustaining the ballistic rubber nuggets that will allow the heavier lead particles to fall into that tray. Key features: 1. Portable (mobile, can be moved around) 2. No LEAD dust generated 3. No impact…

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New rail guard for target retrieval system rails

With a gold-galvanized finish and a half-slot construction for easy mounting, the channel can also be used to protect the aluminum rails from random shots coming from the sides. They can be mounted directly on the ceiling and the aluminum rail can slide inside. Premier gold-galvanized finish creates a non-porous barrier for protection from moisture and…

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Our new addition: Carrier Bullet Deflector

The new Carrier Bullet Deflector protects the carrier and parts of the rail behind it from random shots, up to 9mm caliber. It is made of steel and can easily be placed at 45 degrees angle in front of the carrier using the mounting screws that attach to the carrier body.

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New Target Trailing Camera Kit

We introduce our new addition to the product line, Target Trailing Camera Kit TTC-100. The TTC-100 can mount typically behind the carrier deflector and can transmit wirelessly and continuously the target image to a wireless display located in the shooter’s stall. This is a plug and play system, battery operated that requires minimum or no setup.…

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STS Introduces the new TRS Heavy Duty series

STS Introduces the new TRS Heavy Duty series for long range or high usage applications such as commercial ranges with high reliability and endurance. Heavy-duty kit comes with a powerful motor and an advanced carrier kit. Heavy-Duty Motor • Speed: 0.5m/s • Voltage: 24 VDC, 1.5A • RPM: 112 • Load capacity: 200LB at 25FT,…

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