A definitive manual for weapon ownership

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Buying the correct weapon for you relies upon two or three elements.

  • What will the firearm be utilized for?
  • What caliber will it be?
  • Cost.

Beyond those essential factors you likewise need to consider;

First, you must take into consideration the size of the gun especially for a woman; as they typically have smaller hands than men which means the gun grips, to be truly comfortable for the woman need to be smaller. However, it is also, about more than comfort; it is about being able to control the gun when she shoots. Another reason size is essential is concealment if you have a permit to conceal carry. When you conceal carry, you need a weapon that will fit in the pocket, purse, or pouch you are using and quickly be drawn when you’ll need it without tangling up or being uncomfortable to pull.

Revolver or semi-automatic; a revolver holds six bullets, a semi-automatic magazine contains between 7 and 15 on average. Some magazines for semi-automatics will keep a more significant number of shots. You may be thinking who needs more than seven bullets? It depends on the situation you are in; an example if you have one intruder then 7, if you are accurate, will be enough but what if there are three intruders or 4 even? We will say there are four intruders, you are nervous and miss with two rounds, you hit one intruder in the arm, another in the calf of the leg, you now have three rounds left, and still, four intruders standing that can potentially, kill you.

The revolver you can see holds six rounds, while the semi-automatic holds between 7 and 15 (that is counting the one in the chamber).


The caliber of the gun will be part of the weight of the weapon when it is loaded.  .22 can cause death; that does not mean that it is ideal for home/self-protection.

Gun Safety

Being a responsible gun owner, you should observe the following guidelines:

Gun Safes: Gun safes come in various sizes; from a small box for one gun that locks and is portable to 300-pound tall gun safes which have room for long firearms such as rifles and shotguns to handguns. If you are at home, your gun should be in the arm safe. Never leave it out even hidden in a drawer or on a shelf under blankets; it makes it far too easy for children to find and play with, it also makes it easy for thieves to take your gun. When purchasing a gun safe, you must make sure your gun will fit in the safe and it should be able to be anchored securely to the wall or floor.

Remember when you look at safes, be sure to ask if the safe can be secured to the wall, a shelf, or the floor of your home or office. Yes, even the tall 300-pound safes should be secured to the floor or wall. NEVER give the combination to your safe to anyone. Many of the newer safes are now using separate codes for family remembers, and some are using fingerprints as well. With the technology today the locks are becoming hard to pick but just remember there are hinges on doors of a gun safe.

Loaded Guns: A loaded gun is not the wisest idea, even in a gun safe. There is a chance the safe could be broken into by either an intruder or a child. Keep the magazine loaded but not in the gun. You can quickly put the magazine in if you need to draw your weapon because of intruders.

Gun Course: Some states require you take a proficiency course before you get a permit to carry. If your area does not need a proficiency test, the police would probably know of a local gun range where you could find a proficiency course to take. After the session, it is a matter of continuing practice at the gun range. Exercise not only makes you a more accurate shot, but it also adds speed to loading and aiming after each shot. When the gun is fired, there is recoil unless you have worked hard to build up the wrist and arm muscles your gun muzzle will come up off the target, so you now have to re-aim to take the next shot.

Cleaning: You should clean your gun after you are done shooting at the range each time. Be responsible and never clean your gun if you have been drinking or doing recreational drugs.

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