Classic targets for every shooting ranges

Clay Targets

This may be the most recognizable target of all time. Most shooters have shot at clay targets if they’ve ever used a shotgun. However, these inexpensive, readily available targets aren’t just for shooting with shotguns. They are highly visible when placed on a berm at your local range, and can be shot at with a rifle from 100+ yards away. They pose a tough target from these distances, but provide instant visual feedback to the shooter when hit.

Pop Up Target

There is no sound more satisfying than lead splattering on steel at high velocity. At distance, the feedback is slightly delayed, often allowing you to see the hit before you hear it. The price point makes it affordable to set up a course of fire to complete, and the automated reset means you won’t have to make trips down range between each run.

Bowling pin-style targets

No matter how much you shoot these rugged targets, they will return to shape immediately after being shot. These targets are a fun addition to any course of fire and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Zombie targets

These targets are a really fun way to change it up from the other paper target offerings, and they allow you to shoot any style you want, whether you’re just looking to put rounds down range, or want to practice those double-tap zombie head shots while pretending you’re defending yourself and others on everyone’s favorite cable TV zombie drama. Regardless, shooting at zombie targets is one sure way to spice up your trips to the range.

Metal spinner target

The metal spinner target is another great way to get out and shoot with minimal trips downrange. Once you set up the spinner — which is available for both .22 LR and centerfire pistol — it will provide instant visual and audio feedback for your hits. There aren’t many things you can shoot that are more satisfying than watching a spinner take off with each bullseye you hit. This is especially true for youth shooters and those new to the sport who are just beginning to develop their shooting abilities.

Animal/Critter/X-Ray Targets

While these targets are designed with the hunter in mind, they are also a good way for any shooter to change it up and practice their skills. It is recommended that those interested in hunting practice on targets such as these before venturing into the field, even if it is just to get used to the sight picture. Most of these targets feature the vitals of the animal shown and allow you to figure out what range you should try and take game at. Additionally, consider using these targets to pattern your shotgun prior to use in the field.


This target is a classic for handgun shooters, and — along with the clay pigeon — it is probably one of the most recognizable and well known targets in the shooting sports. It is used for Law Enforcement qualifications as well as for concealed carry training. This target features scoring rings not unlike those found on a bullseye to allow the shooter to score their shots and track their improvement. It also allows for settings of benchmark scores for certain qualifications. Chances are, if you’re a serious handgun shooter, you’re familiar with this type of target. That said, the silhouette is great for many shooting purposes and should be considered no matter your shooting discipline.


No list could be complete without mentioning this target. Everyone should be familiar with the Bullseye target, as it is one of the oldest and simplest targets of all time. The bullseye is one of the easiest ways to test your shooting skills at any distance. While there are plenty of other fancier targets out there, these targets are cheap and plentiful and come in a variety of sizes optimized for different shooting disciplines and distances. The bullseye target is the best available for squaring off with friends and family, and regular practice on these targets can help ensure you’ll always leave the range with bragging rights.

Original article by  Chris Hendrix