Laws& Regulations

Regulations for Starting a Shooting Range

Once a range opens for business, it’s up to the owners to enforce a myriad of regulations so the facility runs smoothly and offers members the safest, most enjoyable sport shooting experience possible. Learning about the regulations for starting a shooting range will help you stay out of troubles. According to the National Shooting Sports…

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Safety rules and regulations for gun ranges

All firearms must be holstered or cased in unloaded condition while going to or from the range. Eye and ear protection MUST be put on before and during the use of the range. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Always keep the…

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Shooting range etiquette for shooters

When range rules get broken, it’s usually because of the lack of education and the lack of practice of proper techniques. Fundamental Safety Sometimes even experienced shooters get too comfortable in their routines and become lax with gun safety. This is never acceptable. You should always be a good student and ambassador of the universal…

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