Heavy Duty Target Retrieval system-50ft


Includes all components needed to complete one lane:

    • Target retrieval system for shooting ranges
    • Motor, rails, brackets, steel cable, basic deflector, carrier, wireless controller, target bar, target holder
    • Rails are supplied in 5ft segments (steel)

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  • Target retrieval system for shooting ranges
  • INEXPENSIVE system with ADVANCED MOTOR   TECHNOLOGY in perfect condition
  • Includes steel rails in 5ft segments plus brackets
  • This all-inclusive DIY target retrieval system kit includes everything you need to install your range
  • There is absolutely no need to go to the hardware store for anything.
  • This all-inclusive kit is ideal for all type of ranges with limited budgets being either commercial, private or home-based
  • It is fully tested prior to shipping and has been proved to be exceptionally reliable in many installations
  • Motor comes with a 1-year warranty
Weight65 lbs

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