Just released, new target retrieval system, heavy duty style: Steel rails, 12GA Heavy duty carrier, steel wire driven Heavy duty smart motor, wirelessly activated Motor mounting up or down option included Up to 300ft

STS launches new heavy-duty motor with added features. Technical Specification • Speed: 0.5m/s • Voltage: 24 VDC, 1.5A • RPM: 112 • Load capacity: 200LB at 25FT, 100LB at 50FT Features • Light touch- start function The motor will start automatically when sensing a pull on the carrier, also will self-adjust speed and slow down …

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With a gold-galvanized finish and a half-slot construction for easy mounting, the channel can also be used to protect the aluminum rails from random shots coming from the sides. They can be mounted directly on the ceiling and the aluminum rail can slide inside. Premier gold-galvanized finish creates a non-porous barrier for protection from moisture and …

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The new Carrier Bullet Deflector protects the carrier and parts of the rail behind it from random shots, up to 9mm caliber. It is made of steel and can easily be placed at 45 degrees angle in front of the carrier using the mounting screws that attach to the carrier body.

Ballistic Rubber Blocks , Custom Ballistic Rubber Block

We now introduces the option to order custom ballistic rubber blocks to match your requirements and budget. Check the link below: Custom Ballistic Rubber Blocks

STS introduces new modular shooting stall and it’s made of reinforced fiberglass and can be linked together easily and seamlessly. This modular stall offering the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deploy them in virtually any shooting range conditions, indoor or outdoor. See the product here

This is currently the BEST, SAFEST and MOST INEXPENSIVE Mobile Bullet Traps. It is made from steel for exceptional durability, and includes a ballistic rubber panel  positioned in front of the steel cage that will entrap most pellets and slow down or deflect the other calibers enough to be then stopped within the inside rubberized medium. …

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Tactical Searchlight

STS introduces Optispike S50 – Tactical Searchlight, Optispike is the hand-held or vehicle mounting light equipment for light auto-weapon heavy machine gun, grenade machine guns, anti-equipment rifles, military aircraft or helicopters. See the product here

Tactical Searchlight

STS introduces Light Storm S90 – Tactical Searchlight, A 45W torchlight that puts out an ultra-bright beam with a record-setting throw of 9,000 meters. Combining state-of-the-art optical engineering and a customized solid-state light source. See the product here

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On the off chance that you are an officer, law implementation specialist, security monitor, or just somebody who feels that they have to enhance their own security, a Kevlar® vest might be the ideal decision for you. Body defensive layer produced using Kevlar® secures against ballistic (shot) dangers, and extra layers can grow to incorporate …

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