Legal issues when building a commercial shooting range

Shooting range regulations mandated by federal, state or municipal laws should be addressed first. Your range must comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, as well as those written by other agencies concerned with conservation and environmental issues. Specifically, shooting range noise limits, safety precautions and, importantly, the adverse impact of lead bullets on soil around outdoor shooting ranges are all topics that must be addressed when you draw up your range’s regulations. If you have no legal council or oversight on your shooting range business team, contact the National Rifle Association or the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Ask for assistance formulating your range’s legal regulations so nothing falls through the cracks.

Appoint a range master to oversee all shooting activity; that way, you literally have someone on the front lines to make sure members follow all of your facility’s rules. Your social regulations should cover everything from whether guests may be allowed on the premises to dispute resolution between members on the firing line. Safety mandates, such as requiring ear and eye protection every time a member picks up a firearm, are critical. Spell out regulations related to clearing and benching firearms so that shooters know your specific rules for securing their weapons after they’ve finished shooting.

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