Bullet Trap Solutions

Our bullet trap solutions  includes:

  • Portable bullet traps
  • Fixed bullet traps
  • Anti-splatter ballistic curtains
  • A combination of the above

Portable Bullet Traps

Portable bullet traps are generally used (but not exclusively) by individual/private shooters on their own private range while the fixed bullet traps are typically designed for commercial/club based or military/LEA shooting ranges. We have a variety of types and sizes available under “Products/Portable Bullet Traps”

Fixed Bullet Traps

For fixed bullet traps, once we have the dimensions, we can provide all the material in about 2 weeks:

  • Steel plates backing
  • Ballistic Mulch and/or Rubber Blocks

Anti-splatter ballistic curtains

We can supply anti-splatter ballistic curtains made of the highest quality vulcanized rubber material available on US market  with different sizes and thicknesses depending on the application and calibers used for. They are supplied with rails and trolleys so they can be easily moved around


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