Target Retrieval

Why Super Target Systems?

STS is dedicated to provide the most AFFORDABLE yet ADVANCED target retrieval solutions for the target shooting enthusiasts eager to build their own shooting range. Don’t believe us, just look around and ask. Get some quotes for a similar system from the top players and you’ll be amazed how much money you can save with us.

We will LISTEN to your request carefully and determine the most economical way to install your “dream range”. Bigger is not always better…We will NOT try to sell something unless we are fully convinced that it is safe and suited for your particular needs. We will provide all the components required for your custom range length and HELP you with the installation process.

So give us a call and fulfill your old dream:

Get your OWN range today!

Thank You.

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Custom Length Target Retrieval System Kit

Heavy-duty Target Retrieval System

Basic Target Retrieval System

Target Retrieval Demo Video

Our Target Retrieval Kit Includes:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum rails that can be ceiling mounted or suspended;
  • Heavy-duty, long life belt;
  • Ceiling mounting hardware and screws; (suspended mounting, 90 degrees wall or angled mounting also possible via additional hardware e.g. telescopic mount with 360 degrees swivel and 90 degrees tilt hardware, sold separately at request);
  • Smart Motor (with soft start and soft stop, overload protection, self-stop at end of rail, that can be controlled via a wall mounted remote control, wired or wirelessly);
  • 2 x control units wall mounted (wireless and wired) for STOP, FORWARD, RETRIEVE operation;
  • Target carrier;
  • Target holder;
  • Set of 10 targets.

Step by step video instructions and PDF document available

  • With our DIY kit, there is no need for professional installers
  • Estimated assembling time: 2-3h depending on the length and the need for telescopic brackets
  • All system components are available for purchase on our website and in stock so your range will not be down for long
  • Motor warranty: 1 year
  • Contact us to receive step by step installation instructions (Video & PDF)
  • Demo kits for testing the system prior to buying also available
Shooting Range Installation_

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