Ballistic Rubber Blocks


Our ballistic blocks are made in USA and are available in different sizes to meet your unique needs. We offer from  6″ x 12′ x 12′ to 9″ x 24″ x 24″ Ballistic Blocks, weighing from 36 lbs up to 105 lbs. Contact us if you need other types.

Minimum order quantity is 10 pcs.




Why Our Ballistic Blocks?

Our blocks provide strength, elasticity, and durability. Our ballistic blocks designed for military, law enforcement, and private ranges. Our products can easily sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while preserving their structural integrity.

• Our ballistic rubber blocks from vulcanized rubber designed to create a safe live fire environment by preventing accidents. Our rubber is designed to control bullets on contact, stop ricochet, encapsulate rounds, and self-heal after impact.

• Our ballistic blocks have superior strength, elasticity, and durability, with a tensile strength of 950-1150 psi Ultimate elongation: 210-300%, 100% modulus: 350-400psi, the coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static. UV exposure, ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change, elongation 6.7% change.

• Our ballistic rubber blocks support a built-in fire retardant formula with UV protection to keep a safe long lasting product during live training. Workout facilities have found our durable rubber blocks useful for the bench, carrying, throwing, and agility workouts.


  • The tensile strength: 950-1150 psi
  • Ultimate elongation: 210-300%
  • 100% modulus: 350-400psi
  • The coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static
  • UV exposure
  • ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W
  • RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change
  • Elongation 6.7% change
  • Safe Live Fire Environment
  • Stopping Ricochet & Self-Healing
  • Ballistic Control

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