Up to .50 BMG


  • Innovative design, with sealed trap
  • Available only in FAT series with long steel cage, filled with ballistic mulch, completely sealed
  • Includes 1” ballistic rubber front panel, with self-healing properties, that will support the target mounting and also slow down the rounds
  • NO lead dust generated, no impact noise
  • Most rounds remain intact inside the cage
  • 1″ or 2″ thick rubber panel, replaceable
  • Steel construction with AR500 armor fixed steel backplate
  • Patent pending.
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This is currently the BEST, SAFEST and MOST INEXPENSIVE Mobile Bullet Trap.

It offers a quick, safe setup and deployment. It is made from steel for exceptional durability, and includes a ballistic rubber panel  positioned in front of the steel cage that will entrap most pellets and slow down or deflect the other calibers enough to be then stopped within the inside rubberized medium. As an extra precaution the back panel of the cage is made of AR500 armor steel that will stop pretty much anything that might penetrate the inside medium. The ballistic rubber front panel and the rubberized medium inside the cage  ensures that NO lead dust will be generated due to impact or very minimal as well as NO noise due to impact. In case of impact, which could happen if the inside rubberized medium is worn out, the impact will be very much reduced.

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STS223-BEST Mobile Bullet Trap for up to .357 S&W Magnum


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