Super Target Systems Library

Find all you need to know about building your own shooting range


Shooting Ranges

Shooting range noise

When it comes to shooting ranges, noise is something that can hurt you. The overblast pressure (aka muzzle blast pressure) from small arms, especially larger calibers (>.22) can affect the…

Types of target retrieval systems

Wireless Target Retrievers Our electric target retrievers allow for easy target installation, positioning, and retrieval without having to cross into the shooting lane. Positioning the target at any distance is…

Range Building

Laws & Regulations

Body Armor

Hard Ballistic Plates

Many individuals don’t know about the diverse sorts of defensive armor that are available and the distinctive levels of protection that they offer. Level II and Level IIIa ballistic protection…

Fire Arms

Basics of Shooting Techniques

Using correct shooting techniques will help you improve your accuracy. Four fundamentals for an accurate handgun shot: Aim carefully, aligning your sights. Take a deep breath, and then exhale. Squeeze…

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