Bullet proof vests for prison officers

prison officers

Working in a detention center can be extremely unsafe. There are hundreds of dangerous people kept into a confined space. In such situation, appropriate and compelling body armor is required.

Despite the fact that jail officers are probably going to be equipped with body armor, it is likely that this shield has been utilized by a past officer. This could imply that the vest may not fit and also it could, or more awful, that the protective panels may have been damaged or perished through improper use.

Of course, we would recommend checking your desired purchase with your job’s specifications – you do not want to buy body armor that you are not allowed to wear.

If you buy your own body armor, you will know the quality of the armor, and will know that it has been properly maintained. Working in a prison means that you need different protection compared to someone who is in a warzone, or even a Law Enforcement Officer working on the streets.

You will regularly come in close contact with volatile individuals when you are working in the prison. Some may be desperate to escape, or may misdirect anger and aggression at guards. Regardless, your risk of being attacked is increased within a prison environment.

It is unlikely that prisoners will gain access to a handgun, or even an engineered knife blade. They may however create improvised sharp instruments, or shanks, that can be life threatening if used.

Because of this, we strongly recommend that your body armor has spike resistance. This will decrease the chance of such weapons causing harm to your vital organs.

However, if you or your fellow officers carry firearms, it may also be worth purchasing protection equal to the threat of these weapons in case you are caught in your colleague’s crossfire, or if a prisoner somehow manages to attain one of these weapons.

If you are an officer in a prison, you need to take your protection into your own hands. Having the right body armor can mean the difference between life and death. Coming into close contact with dangerous individuals on a daily basis can be less hazardous if you ensure that you do everything you can to protect yourself – this includes wearing adequate protection.

Protection Against Stab & Spike Attacks

Its a rare occurrence for there to be any ballistic threats in prison as this is regulated very closely. Inmates can get hold of different types of stab and spike implements to use to harm the prison officer or other inmates. To protect against this you will need a stab proof vest with added spike protection. This will ensure that you are protected against most of the slash or stab weapons in prison.

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