Daniel John

New Universal Bullet Traps

Our new series of Universal Bullet Trap (patent pending) with removable tray for recycling the lead fragments. Features a grill for sustaining the ballistic rubber nuggets that will allow the heavier lead particles to fall into that tray. Key features: 1. Portable (mobile, can be moved around) 2. No LEAD dust generated 3. No impact …

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Our new addition: Carrier Bullet Deflector

The new Carrier Bullet Deflector protects the carrier and parts of the rail behind it from random shots, up to 9mm caliber. It is made of steel and can easily be placed at 45 degrees angle in front of the carrier using the mounting screws that attach to the carrier body.

STS introduces new modular shooting stall

STS introduces new modular shooting stall and it’s made of reinforced fiberglass and can be linked together easily and seamlessly. This modular stall offering the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deploy them in virtually any shooting range conditions, indoor or outdoor. See the product here


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